Zdenek’s English Podcast

Episode 258 - That’s a Question with PP1

May 28, 2019

This episode was recorded during class while playing a game where we ask each other simple questions. The episode features a lot of guests so there some talking over each other, butr generally speaking it should be well understood. The tone is very light-hearted.

I also have one important disclaimer. during the episode, one of the students keeps mentioning probably the most atrocious man in the history of mankind Hitler in a slightly joking way. I know this is not a laughing matter, but there is a context to this and I would like to explain it.

One of the most popular games we sometimes play during my board game meet-ups is a hidden role game called Secret Hitler (I recommend googling it) and it is the game he was refering to during the episode. We do not promote the condone actions of this individual in any way, shape or form, quite the opposite, we condemn them. I just felt like it was necessary to clarify. 


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