Zdenek’s English Podcast

Episode 372 - Dungeons and Dragons with Michael the Shaman

June 21, 2021

It was a huge honour to feature a really cool guest in this episode - Michael the Shaman - who had previously appeared in episode 718 of Luke's English Podcast, which happens to be in my top 5 Luke's English Podcast episodes.ย 

We briefly talked about what it was like for Michael to be on Luke's podcast, we discussed how Michael has learnt English playing games with native speakers, specifically Dungeon's and Dragons. Michael explained to us what DnD is and why it has such appeal. We went through a lot of different aspects of this game and gave examples to help listeners understand it betterย 

I was truly humbled by Michael's incredible English, and it was a fantastic opportunity to pick his brain about the phenomenal Dungeons and Dragons. Personally, I see an incredible amount of potential in DnD for learners of English.

A mini lesson for patrons focusing on verbs we used in this episode will follow soon.ย 


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