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Episode 375 - EURO 2021 Swapcast featuring Luke and Martin (part 2)

July 10, 2021

Are you into football? Have you been enjoying EURO 2020? Do you like English learning podcasts?

If the answers are YES, then this might be for you!!! Once again, I teamed up with Luke and Martin to record part 2 of EURO 2020 swapcast.


❓ Have we been enjoying this EURO?

❓ Who is Panenka, and what’s the significance of Panenka penalty?

❓ What’s been the secret behind Denmark’s success in EURO 2020?

❓ Was the penalty in Denmark - England semifinal a penalty?

❓ What’s the best place to watch a football game?

❓ What was it like to see an England’s match live in the stadium? 

❓ What are England’s chances of winning the final against Italy?

❓ Who looks better in the stands, David Beckham or Ed Sheeran?


You will find the answers to these questions in this episode! By the way, if you prefer the video version of this, here's where you can watch it: https://youtu.be/IoADqoLLXKQ


✍️ On a different note, I'm doing a ZEP meet-up in Prague next Friday evening, so let me know if you can make it. More information in the introduction f this episode. 


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